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Club Foot

An Infant With Club Foot. ~ Author: Brachet Youri – Picture Taken: March 24, 2005

I decided to start this site to provide information for the parents of children affected by clubfoot, due to being extremely disappointed with the current information on the internet regarding club foot

Here are a few interesting facts on club foot:

  • Club foot is also known as talipes equino varus and causes the foot to point downward and turn inward.
  • About 1 in every 750 babies is affected by club foot.
  • Having one child with clubfoot makes your chances approximately 1 in 30 of having another child with it.
  • Of the lower extremities club foot is the most common congenital disorder.
  • Boys are twice as likely to develop clubfoot as girls.
  • 1 or both feet can be affected by club foot
  • There does appear to be a genetic link with club foot, but ultimately the cause is not known.
  • The inward turning of the foot is cause by Shorter tendons on the inner part of the lower leg combined with abnormally shaped bones.
  • The foot pointing downward is caused by a tightened Achilles tendon, which is the tendon on the back of the foot.